Johnson + Starley
Fault Codes

Listed below are the common Johnson + Starley fault codes as described by the boiler manufacturer along with a possible cause.

Johnson & Starley Boiler Error Images

Fault ImageSystem Behaviour

Ignition lockout

High limit error

No tacho from fan

High flue gas tempurature

Flame circuit error

Valve drive circuit error

Dual sensor error

Default lockout

Remote reset lockout

ADC error

CRC error – SW switch

Flame signal lost 5 times in 4 minutes.

Boiler flow temp sensor open circuit

Domestic hot water (DHW) sensor short

Domestic hot water (DHW) sensor open

Low mains voltage

Water pressure error

OpenTherm sensor shorted to earth

Water pressure too high

No water pressure signal recievced fom MMI

Boiler return temp. sensor open circuit

Flue gas temperature sensor short

Flue gas temperature sensor open circuit

Communication MMI – CVBC lost

Johnson & Starley Boiler Error Codes

Fault Code / Fault ImageSystem Behaviour
1 Flame lockout after several ignition attempts
2 False flame
3 High water temperature limit
5 No tacho from fan
8 Flame circuit error
9 Valve driver circuit error
11 Flow/return sensor calibration error
12 Default lockout
13 Elapsed the number of retrials
21 ADC error
26 Flame signal lost 5 times in 4 minutes
31 Centra heating supply sensor error (open or short)
44 Central heating rerturn sensor error (open or short)
7 High flue gas tempurature
25 CRC error
30 Boiler flow temprature sensor short circuit
31 Boiler flow temperature sensor open ciruit
32 Domestic hot water temperature sensor short circuit
33 Domestic hot water temperature sensor open circuit
34 Low mains supply voltage
37 Low system water pressure
40 High system water pressure
41 No water pressure signal recievced fom MMI
45 Flue gas temperature sensor short circuit
46 Flue gas temperature sensor open circut
47 Water pressure sensor open circuit
99 Communication MMI -ESYS lost
E01 Ignition lockout
E02 False flame lockout
E03 Overheat lockout
E05 Fan fault
E08 Flame circuit failure
E09 Valve feed back error
E12 EEPROM lockout
E15 Sensor drift lockout
E16, E17, E18 Sensor stuck lockout
E21 ADC lockout
E33 Return thermistor fault
E34 Low power supply lockout
E35 Flow thermistor fault
F07 Exhaust sensor fault
F13 Remote reset lockout
F37 Low water pressure
F40 Water pressure too high
F47 Water pressure sensor not connected
F52 Domestic hot water (DHW) sensor fault
F53 Flue temperature sensor lockout